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Com-Art Real Deal Scenery Paint Set



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Com-Art™ water-based acrylic colours are
non-toxic and specifically formulated to be
ready-to-use in your airbrush, without the need for thinning, filtering or straining.

This set contains ten 1oz colours that can be used to provide shape, texture, subtle colour changes and many more effects in your model railroad scenery. Tips and techniques including colour mixing instructions by Master Model Railroader and model judge, Leslie Eaton are also included with this set. Colours include: Opaque Burnt Umber, Opaque Raw Umber, Opaque Iron Yellow, Opaque Deep Yellow, Opaque Sap Green, Opaque Chrome Green, Opaque Cerulean Blue, Opaque Toludene Red, Opaque White, Transparent Black.

Tips and Techniques by Leslie Eaton

Shake Well

These weathering colours are comprised of many different pigments, some heavier than others. The pigments may separate into layers in the bottle while sitting so be sure to shake the bottle well before using and periodically while using. You may want to use a soft paintbrush to stir the paint from the sides and bottom of the bottle.


These colours are designed to be intermixed to create intermediate hues allowing you to have colours that are unique to the item you are weathering. Adding Opaque White or Light Dust can make lighter shades. Adding Transparent Smoke or even Fertile Soil can achieve darker shades. Enjoy experimenting and playing with mixing the colours.


Apply your weathering using numerous light layers of colour. This will allow you to achieve a greater depth of colour and help you to avoid applying too much weathering. Applying layers of different colours also allows you to achieve the most realistic appearance to your models.

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